Valley Fire Department

Valley, Nebraska

Valley Fire & Rescue Needs New Station Space!

Valley’s population is growing rapidly, adding more 911 calls to our protection district.

In 2016 Valley Fire responded to 418 calls to service.

In 2017 Valley Fire responded to 495 calls to service.

In 2018 Valley Fire responded to 582 calls to service.

In 2019 Valley Fire responded to 744 calls to service.

To handle the ever increasing call volume, Valley Fire is always adding new emergency medical services personnel.

 As always our ranks are staffed 100% by volunteers.

Additionally, Valley Fire continues to expand our fleet of fire and rescue apparatus. We currently have 13 vehicles in service, but only 8 garage bays at our station. Our current station was built in 1957 and has been added on to three times.

We are actively investigating the options of purchasing land to accommodate a new fire station or renovating our current space. We cannot do either without our community's support! 

To make a donation, please contact us at our email at

Or stop by the fire station at 210 W Church Street on Wednesdays 7-10pm